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About  the Photographer

Hi, folks! My name is Rebecca Manney, and I want to take your pictures. But before we get too far along, let me tell you a little about myself.

Photography is the outlet for my creativity. And that creativity doesn't stop once the pictures are taken--it continues on into the editing process.  Sometimes I wonder what on earth I did before I discovered photography. Like many photographers these days, I was never trained in the ways of pitchur-takin'. It's just a hobby that developed into a business.

When I first started in about 2006, I swore I'd never photograph people, only landscapes. People move. Landscapes don't. I don't have to position landscapes. I don't have to tell landscapes where to put their arms or how to sit.  Do you see where I'm going here?  But as I advanced in my self-taught ways, I realized that train of thought was an assumption that photography had to be...traditional ::shudder::. But in the last several years, photography has really evolved into something much more natural and artistic.  It evolved right into the type of photographer I wanted to be, so I jumped right on that bandwagon.

My business is a one (wo)man show, but occasionally I'll bring a photographer friend along. My specialties are babies, children, and families. I love to teach, so I hope to expand my business to include more education and classes for up and coming photographers.

In addition to photography, my life also is filled with joy from my husband, Keith, and our children, Brady, Lyric, Willow, and Carli. These people always keep me on my toes!


I'm a summer girl, through and through. I love to travel, go camping, play the piano, sing, and eat pizza. My favorite trip to date was a backpacking trip through Europe with my friend, Wendy. I love people, and try to see the good in everyone, and appreciate our differences. I was raised in a hardware store, and am pretty handy in electrical, plumbing, and general around-the-house projects. I love woodworking and always have a project in the works with many others in the planning phase. I'm willing to give anything a try once, as long as it's not raw food and doesn't involve defying death (that includes bungee jumping, skydiving, and roller coasters).

Above all, I love Jesus. I know that everything I have is because of Him, and I'm grateful that he has entrusted me with abilities, people, and possessions to enrich my life.











All sessions are done on location and include a download
of your edited images and an online gallery for viewing
and ordering prints. A mileage charge of .75 per mile applies beyond 30 miles from Weatherford, OK.